Why Fishhook  It is an obvious accessory for your laptop. The overheating of laptops is a major problem today, something that large manufacturers of laptops do not talk loudly about. The Fishhook solves this problem without any fans that consume energy which contribute to even more costs on your electricity bill, and that in turn degrades the environment. You will get rid of the sound/noise from the fan. After some usage your fan collects dust and its bearings get worn out this causes irritation that slowly grows unconsciously. Most oftenly when you work you do not think about your posture. With Fishhook, we promise that you will notice a difference, the efficiency of your work and your body will feel better. Fishhook has an ergonomic tilt that automatically makes you lean back into a straight position without you having to think about it ... ... When you sit on the couch and want to have another tilt the only
thing you need to do is to turn the Fishhook to its less inclined slope. All this results in a better posture while you take care of your laptop and the environment. The Fishhook package includes a small bag that will help you pack them nicely for travel or other occasions. Care If your Fishhook gets dusty/dirty, just rinse it with water or a wet cloth. No electronics No hassles. Note: Do not forget to dry thoroughly.