About rredesigner Rredesigner is located in Malmö and started in 2009 due to the strong need of better  products all around us.   Rredesigner's vision is to create affordable products/inventions for a better everyday  life for many people. The business concept is to offer businesses and private  individuals a broad experience in product development. Everything from concept  through production to recycling.  After only one year rredesigner has two different products on the market and another  on its way. First came the Ergonomic Card Case (www.rredesigner.com/cardcase)  and then rredesigner's biggest pride yet the Fishhoook. Waiting to come out is a  fantastic tool for the elderly and children, the I-FLOW (www.rredesigner.com/iflower). We at rredesigner are responsive and see the customer's needs as our number one  priority. We provide a high level of personal service and our relationship lasts  hopefully for many years. Please leave Feedback!
With the help of shown interest and the purchase of this product, you support rredesigner's business forward to better and more user-friendly products. Today we have too many bad products just destroying our environment. Think about the environment during your next purchase! Thanks! / Rrezart Z.
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